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Why You Should Play Path of Exile

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Import the following code into the Path of Building application to see the details of the build:

Install the LocalIdentity fork of Path of Building to view all of the correct details:

Song info:

I stream here:

I have a public Discord server:


This build is not an original idea. In fact, it was featured in Build of the Week:

This build is very fun to play, and performs decently on a budget.
Unfortunately, it can't kill any bosses that like to teleport around, like Uber Elder. In fact, it can't even get halfway through the first phase of Uber Elder, because the Shaper warps away before you can do more than a few thousand damage.

I've been playing this build since Delve, and it's only improved since then. I experimented with a lot of skills. Rain of Arrows is best for vacuuming the screen, Blast Rain is by far the best for single target DPS. You could try to use something like Lightning Arrow or Ice Shot if the density of the map is insane. The DPS increases with how many enemies are being hit.

The majority of the poor performance is caused by enemies being hit, but not being killed. If 1200 attacks per second are hitting a pack of enemies for 10 damage each, that's going to lag the server and your FPS. As soon as they get into the totem circle, they'll die pretty quickly, and the lag will stop.

In this video, the game servers were not performing well, and I was streaming and using Shadowplay, so the build would have better performance outside of those conditions. Still, I'm using a Ryzen 2700x and RTX 2070 Super, so unless your specs are rated in bitcoins per second, you're not getting a stable 60 FPS.

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