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Top 10 FREE Channels for Android TV | You Should Download These

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We’re using our Nvidia Shield to check out the best free channels on Android TV. If you cut the cord to save money, then we should talk about how to get all the entertainment you could ever need FOR FREE. Today we’ll talk about some great apps on Android TV platforms that give you a ton of free content to keep you endlessly entertained at no charge.


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Here are our Top 10 FREE channels on Android TV:

1. Plex - Media aggregator/player. Great if you have an extensive personal library in electronic form. Free, but if you pay for premium you can watch your content remotely.

2. Steam Link - The app is free, even if the games you got on Steam aren’t.

3. Twitch - Watch casual video games and esports streams for free.

4. Tellybean - Video calling. Just plug a webcam into the Nvidia Shield

5-6. PBS/PBS Kids - This should be self-explanatory! Plenty of great stuff for the whole family between these two apps.

7. Puffin TV - Fast web browser optimized for your streaming device.

8. Sideload Launcher - Sideloading is when you install an app that’s not available in the device’s app store. For instance, if you want to install Google Chrome or Google Drive, they aren’t on Android TV, strangely. Once you sideload something, it’s not available on your homepage, you also need somewhere to launch it from. That’s where this app comes in. Consider pairing with the X-plore File Manager to manage the files for the apps you’re sideloading.

9. Pluto TV - Free, commercial-supported live TV, similar in format to what you’re used to with cable, but with different channels.

10. Tubi - A sort of ad-supported version of Netflix. Pick movies to watch from different categories, all for free, but with a few ads thrown in there.

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