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The Legend of Seven Cutter (Full Movie - 2006 - South Korea)

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Republic of Korea: Hansoo Jung encounters misunderstanding events wherever he goes, because his name is the same as the school gang captain's.
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As usual, his first day after transfer became hectic due to the principal and the students fearing and avoiding him, but there are students that want to match their skills with his - the former school captain, Sung Ki Baek, girls' captain with a strong charisma, Minjoo Han, and a teacher who was the captain in the early 80s. However, he has an unrevealed talent that no one knows of. He escapes by handing over his money to the former captain and bursts into tears when confessing his love to the girls' captain. Also, an absurd situation occurs with a teacher!
Korean with English subtitles!

Date: 2006
Country of origin: South Korea
Directed by Kwon Nam-gi
Produced by Kim Yong-kook
Starring An Jae-mo and Yoon Eun Hye
Music by Yang Joon-young and Kim Bong-soo

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Review from IMDB (contains spoilers):

"The Legend Of Seven Cutter is a comedy in a High School setting. The plot is about a student who is mistaken for a martial arts experts known as the "seven cutter".

It is the stuff of legend around high schools across the country. His name is Han Su and he remains unbeaten throughout the school system. Whoever tries to fight him not only faces the indignity of losing but is left with Han-Su's trademark 7cm scar to remind them of their loss. When innocent new kid Han Su starts at Seong Ji High School, he is instantly mistaken for the "Seven Cutter". He is blissfully unaware of why the other students are giving him such an icy reception, and so when the toughest boy at Seong Ji challenges Han Su to a fight, he has no choice but defend himself. And when he accidentally wins, things start getting really confusing for Han Su.

The plot is ordinary and it has some nice moments that provides enjoyable entertainment. Acting is average and plot is ordinary. Another reason to see this film is to see Yoon Eun Hye in her screen debut if you happen to be a fan of hers."

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