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Special Class Season 3 Episode 5 "When I Grow Up - part 2"

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Episode 5

When I Grow Up part 2 - Okay guys I need help! Sorry for not admiting that i have a problem because the first step of achieving in life is admitting that you have a problem,,,,right,,what horse shoe....anyway so like i said earlier the fascination of going to zion late night church meetings - mugidhi or minamato hameno ikoko - is something worth bringing to the surburbs coz you never know... i mean you never know...your crush might name their child chronology and there starts a chronology of events, I mean who does that right, some of these things are actually true and real life names are being thrown in here...so If you sue us its like suing yourself coz we got no money or lawyer.. this is like the VIP lounge in a club, only the elite get this section and roll with it....... you ever been to a joint where people praise that its the most happening in town only for you to get there and see speakers, empty parking space, well filled by humans drinking and braaing and listening to music....ndiwo mugidhi wakaenda ku private school iwoyo...I believe ma born location ne ma SRB isame whatsapp group...just that they chose to specialise in different areas of influence.. this week i feel like not stopping coz i know that someone is already fed up but then why then do we do what we do when we do it....ditto... I mean after all who reads this ANYWAY?????? If you do I suggest you borrow me a life

A short comedy web series of a hilarious life story of a bunch of high school "students" and their "teachers" takes you on a journey that will leave you with nostalgia of high school experiences or NOT.

Created by Doc Vikela

Every Tuesday @ 10AM

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