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Special Class Season 3 - Episode 2 "Mission Impossible"

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Episode 2
Mission Impossible - Most people in life set out to achieve certain things that they yearn for, like passionately yearn, i mean like a greedy passion yearn. Well almost two decades ago two boys set out for fishing escapade at Kwengi River, Gutu District, Bhasera, Mpindimbi, Kono Turn off. They didnt realise they were fishing from a cup of Tiii Hobvu. It makes sense right, I mean it has to - Whatever, right...only geeks and nerds would read this...welll, if you dont think so - prove me wrong and READ THIS AND COMMENT BELOW!!!!!!!!

A short comedy web series of a hilarious life story of a bunch of high school "students" and their "teachers" takes you on a journey that will leave you with nostalgia of high school experiences or NOT.

Created by Doc Vikela

Every Tuesday @ 10AM

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For Advertising/ Enquiries Contact : simukacomedi@gmail.com

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