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Sims 1 vs Sims 3 vs Sims 4 : Bonehilda - Mini Evolution

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Hello. This one comparison was purely because people have kept requesting it ever since Bonehilda was rumored to make a comeback in Paranormal Stuff. Aaaand now that she's here I can see why people have missed her, she's quite an interesting NPC with much personality, even back in The Sims.

I knew this would be a short comparison and I haven't gotten enough time to play around with Sims 4 so let me know what other fun quirks you've found about her. I know she can swim in Sims 3 and 4 but it seems so...unimportant that I decided not to mention it, along with some other stuff.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on her?

My opinion?

Sims 1 is very solid, not only did they introduce her but they gave her lots of personality, I like how her clear alcoholism has been toned down with each version, I'm not a fan of the later entries neglecting her admiration for the Grim Reaper tho.

Sims 3 was alright, I like how the made her even more useful by fighting burglars, extinguishing fires, training dogs, etc. It's weird that she tries to interact with babies tho so I guess this is something they actually intended for her to do but in the end couldn't make it work, it's odd that they'd just left it there, because she'd spend HOURS trying to interact with the baby.

Sims 4 is continuing to have a bait in stuffpacks, this time it was Bonehilda aaaaaand I don't appreciate that. She's alright, does most of the things she is known for but is it just me or does she work way less?? In my game, she takes hours before getting to the real work and would rather be dancing than fixing things around, not sure if they meant to make her more lively or it's an error.

Either way, I find myself leaning more towards Sims 1 for quirks and Sims 3 for actual usefulness. Sims 4 is right in the middle of that so it's also the last in my book, but that's just my opinion, let me know yours and I'll see you on the next one. Take care.


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