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★ Learn about the parts of the body with fun songs and activities!
→ http://i.sstudy.kr/L/3674/01

Learn about the parts of the body with fun videos and activities!

Ever wonder what kinds of bones are in our bodies? Or what our teeth do?
Learn about the different parts of the body and what they do through fun videos and activities.

1. Fun Animated Songs
- 10 easy and fun songs that introduce body parts.
- Curriculum designed by children education experts.
- Animated with cute Pinkfong characters.

2. A Variety of Learning Games
- Easily learn the names of different body parts.
- Learn how they work while playing games.
- Improve basic skills and logical thinking.

3. All Content in 5 Languages
- All videos and activities are available in 5 languages:
English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese

4. Adorable Sticker Collection
- Collect stickers both for fun and for a sense of achievement.
- Features 30 kinds of stickers, from Pinkfong to Baby Shark.

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