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PIGGY *OCEAN* LEAKED image SHOWS something (a BOAT?) in the DISTANCE

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PIGGY BOOK 2 CHAPTER 7 DELAYED but ANOTHER leaked image from MiniToon shows a BOAT or ship in the distance of the ocean
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Today we have a new leak and MiniToon said...

This leak took a little longer than expected, and for good reason- it isn't entirely for chapter 7, but potentially something else in the future... nonetheless, my apologies for the delay and enjoy!

In my previous leak video we saw INSIDE the new buildings and a cryptic clue EYE at the top of the stairs? Also DELAYED release date 22/04/2021

"I've always wanted to visit this place, but I never got the chance to. I heard stories of how, during the long nights, you could catch the distant cheers by the many musicians performing. Now, all that's left is the lonesome echo of their strings."

So Piggy Book 2 Chapter 7 release date is now 22nd April hopefully and hints revealed by MiniToon by emoji were LIGHT HOUSE SEA OCEAN BOAT? We also know this will be the update with piggy energy and that Minitoon will remove the gold bloxy piggy skin and bess skin from the easter egg hunt

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