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Our online image, being funny in French, me roasting Nathaniel Drew with ???? (FINALE)

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Nathaniel Drew and I disagree on some things, but hey, at least we both enjoy some warm oatmeal for breakfast?

???? Segments in this video
0:56 Having a home base in Paris
3:45 Following the rules on YouTube
5:15 Choosing the version of yourself to show YouTube
7:26 Trying to be funny in a foreign language + The Wall in Mexico
9:22 What is the point of constructing an online image?
15:15 What have you learned from your video experiments?
16:30 What in the world is Nathaniel Drew doing all day?
17:53 Do these tech giants actually care about lil ol me?
18:54 What in the world is Nathaniel Drew doing all day? Part 2
20:05 What in the world is Nathaniel Drew doing all day? Part 3
21:09 Introvert vs Extrovert
23:06 Is YouTube a genuine contribution to society?
23:55 Wanderlust and the desire to move around
24:30 “Deleted” scenes

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