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Monster Ultra GOLD Energy Drink Product Review. Does it set the Gold standard for energy drinks?

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In this video, we are going over the Monster Ultra Gold energy drink. Monster Ultras have really been doing a great job lately, so much so that they just keep coming out with new flavors. For a while, they just had the same ol' Ultra flavors, but recently, they changed their thinking and have been pumping out some powerhouses! More below.

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The Monster Ultra series was always sort of popular, but definitely the White can. And one of the reasons is because it was a sugar free option for Monster and the world has really been going towards a much healthier, less sugar, type lifestyle. As the demand for better Sugar Free energy drink rises, who is is going to stand up to the task? Well, Monster Ultra! Not only have they stepped up to the task lately, but each Monster Ultra they have released in the past few years has been a success. It started with Sunrise Orange, continued with Paradise, and then put an exclamation point on things with the Fiesta and Rosa...and... just when you thought they couldnt get better than Fiesta or Rosa, they release Watermelon!!! Wow! WOW-ME Watermelon!

And those were all released in somewhat rapid succession to each other. Well, riding the wave of success, they didnt waste any time coming out with Ultra Gold! And is a big step to title your energy drink GOLD! I mean, at that point, you are telling the world that you are setting the gold standard with this energy drink you are releasing.

Just last year 3D energy did the same thing. They released a Gold flavor and many would say it is the best in their line...I know I do. So, when I heard Monster was coming out with Monster Ultra Gold, I couldnt help but get a little bit excited about this energy drink.

But, does it live up to the hype? Is this energy drink the gold standard? We will find out in my review of Monster Ultra Gold energy drink.

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