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Local SEO Tips For Image Optimization

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This video will teach you local SEO tips for image optimization for your local website.
SEO Consultation: https://chrispalmermarketing.com

When asked about adding EXIF data and other data including GEO data into images my first response is it comes down to time you have to rank along with the budget you have and the overall impact.

Adding this data to images can be helpful but the first five tips in this video are the most effective. Including , optimized ALT tags ,optimized titles of the images along with adding your image Schema and text on your images.

But after your optimized on your website and looking for the added optimization that the tool showcased in this video will help you add details to your images faster and easier and the best part is it is complimentary.

I hope the image optimization tips and the optimization tool have been helpful however if you have any other SEO questions related to local or any other marketing questions feel free to ask below.

Chris Palmer Marketing-SEO
30 W Broad St fl2
Tamaqua PA 18252
(570) 810-1080

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