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Life Is An MMORPG - "Leveling Up IRL"

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For the past few years now I've had this mindset that real life is basically an MMORPG, everyone has their own stats, skills that can be developed and attributes that determine their level, In this series you'll follow my progress of leveling up, gaining new achievements and experience as well as working to obtain permanent unlocks in this extremely difficult game we call life.

What other comparisons would you draw between life and MMORPGs? do you think my mindset is healthy? do you also try to gamify life to some extent? if no then why not? let me known in the comments below!

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---Real Life Description---

Real Life is a pay to win MMORPG with an unknown publisher and developer, this is a full loot hardcore handbox survival game that's all about increasing your stats over the course of many years to build weath, become stronger, make a family and explore a vast open world with many different biomes, climates, attractions and dangers.

FEATURES - Energy System
Similar to Korean MMORPGs real life uses a sort of energy system, you can't play all day however by increasing your fitness and using the gym you may find that your energy resource goes further and depletes less quickly than the default.

FEATURES - Professions
As with any good MMORPG real life has a massive number of professions to choose from, some are boring but allow you to make money quickly to transition into other skills whilst others are exciting but less lucrative, players in real life must think carefully about professions as this how they will earn gold and increase their item level, some professions force players to live in a set location whilst other professions allow players to move around the world freely! so choose carefully...

FEATURES - Player Driven Economy
The economy in real life is complex and ran by GMs who nobody really knows their real intentions, different areas of the map require players to pay different tax rates to the government from their professions profits so be smart and pick a country with a government that either doesn't spend taxes on useless stuff or one with low taxes.

FEATURES - Perma Death
As with any serious hardcore survival sandbox if you die you don't respawn, but perhaps you get teleported to a different realm? nobody really knows...

FEATURES - Amazing Graphics & Wonders
The world of Real Life is rendered in stunning 8k visuals and players can venture to many beautiful wonders around the world, The great pyramids, Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal and many more!

FEATURES - Complex Emotions
Your character in Real Life will be in a constant inner battle with himself as his emotions vary at different stages of his life, you must keep your character healthy by eating certain foods, exercising regularly, avoiding substances that cause debuffs and stat loss as well as forming a strong friends group or guild to raise the mental health stat, a good routine or plan for your play sessions may also make this easier.

Characters in Real Life are brought into the world by something called a "Family" this family is completely RNG and they may help get you off to a good start in life or completely grief you from day 1, the goal for many is to make their own family once they reach end game and stop working to make up for the lack of late game progression, It's not mandatory though and you can choose to conquer real life as a solo player should you wish.

Real Life is the largest first person MMORPG there is and there's really too many features to list, some features are also undiscovered so explore the game, enjoy it for what it is and try to get the most out of it before your subscription ends and your account gets deleted.
If you read this far I wish you the best of luck and positive vibes in the MMORPG that is real life.

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Life Is An MMORPG - "Leveling Up IRL"

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