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Jo Tera Howega Zaroor Aayega (FEMALE VERSION SONG) - Shaurya aur Anokhi ki Kahani

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Jo Tera Howega Zaroor Aayega (FEMALE VERSION SONG) - Shaurya aur Anokhi ki Kahani

MATLAB DIYA NE GALLAN Anokhi ShauryaAurAnokhi ShauryaAurAnokhiKiKahani Karanvir Sharma Debattama Saha Karanveer Sharma anokhi aur shaurya ki kahani Shaurya shaurya aur anokhi ki kahani shaurya aur anokhi ki kahani today episode shaurya star plus Anokhi aur shaurya ki kahani today episode anokhi song anokhi shaurya song shaurya aur anokhi ki kahani song ye matlab diya galla Jo Tera Howega Zaroor Aayega ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????

Shaurya belongs to an affluent family in Chandigarh. He is a modern-day misogynist and believes that women should be restricted from studying and working. He has such a nature because his mother left him in his childhood unwillingly, to pursue her career in order to aid and support her old aged parents, while he was influenced by his uncle and aunt forming him to what he is now. On the other hand, Anokhi is an ambitious and headstrong girl, willing to make a mark on the society. Having a completely different ideology, she feels that the society is patriarchal and women should strive to life on their own terms.

The story begins with Shaurya's engagement with his long time girlfriend, Shagun. However, on the engagement day, Shagun reveals to Shaurya that she is willing to go to Cambridge to study further. A reluctant Shaurya asks her to choose between her married life and Cambridge. Shagun chooses to follow her dream while an infuriated Shaurya breaks the engagement. On the other hand, Anokhi studies in the same college in which Shaurya's mother, Aastha is a professor, who's highly supportive towards Anokhi. She participates in a debate competition where she speaks up about the need of women to become independent. Although she wins, much to the extreme infuriation of her father who's hell bent on getting her married .

Debattama Saha as Anokhi Bhalla: Rama and Ramesh's daughter; Babli and Raja's younger sister
Karanvir Sharma as Shaurya Sabherwal: Aastha and Shaan's son

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