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HOW TO PLAY SCRATCH GOLF totally Stress Free Zen Zone

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I play in total zen mode on a solo round where I play scratch golf with the intention of going under par. This was my 4th round after lockdown. I was so happy to be out there playing again. I took 10 weeks off including the 6 week period of being locked down so I fell in love with the idea of golf again.

Scratch golf is very different to what you think.

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A lot of playas will get this WRONG. Scratch golf is NOT shooting level par on the scorecard every time. Handicap systems work differently to what you think scratch golf is.

The handicap system works out your handicap over 20 scors, and only counts your best 8 scores. So if you play the same course over and over and over again, your score should trend downwards anyway.

And on top of that, the course rating is often much higher than 72. Some courses have a stroke rating of 73, 74 or 75. That means if you score 76 EIGHT TIMES out of TWENTY scores, you will be a scratch handicap.

Your scores can be 8 x76 and 12 x 99 - yes you can shoot 99 TWELVE TIMES and still be a scratch handicap because they took your 8 best scores of 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 and ignored the rest.

That means on this course, rated 74.9 and a slope of 131, if I shoot 75-76 eight times and score between 77 and 90 for the remaining 12, my handicap would be scratch! So while these two videos may not add up to 72, thats NOT SCRATCH GOLF!
That's actually PLUS HANDICAP golf!!!! Please keep this in mind when you talk about others handicap.

Whenever you see someone play one or two round,on Youtube or in person and they do not shoot to their handicap, remember their handicap is from their best 40% of their scores. And remember, if you shoot your handicap every round, you would be a pro within 6 months because it would keep dropping week after week. AND ONE MORE THING!!

Remember when you talk to other people about someone not being a certain handicap they told you they were, EVERYONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT YOU THE SAME WAY!LOLOLOL

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