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How to Film like a PRO with Android Smartphones [Updated Guide!]

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The complete (UPDATED) guide to filming Professional videos with your Android smartphone! Learn how to shoot videos like a PRO on your Android phone, step-by-step, and the latest Android video tips to create high quality videos, fast!

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Download the FREE Quick Reference Guide for Filming with Android!
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Tripod & Smartphone Holder:
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Portable Lights:
► YongNuo YN300-Air (Amazon): http://primalvid.io/4ZHvBMB

Camera Apps:
► Open Camera App: https://primalvideo.com/go/open-camera-app-android/
► Filmic Pro (Android): https://primalvideo.com/go/filmicpro-android

00:00 Filming with Android: The Complete Guide to Shooting Video like a PRO
01:19 Prepare your content
01:58 Select a location
03:14 Front facing camera or rear camera?
04:44 Clean the camera lens
05:27 Position your phone
07:10 Setup lighting
08:35 Connect the microphone
10:37 Check phone settings
12:13 Enable flight mode
12:43 Lock down camera settings
15:16 Record a test video
16:32 Hit the record button
17:10 Filming Checklist (Free Guide)

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-- Filming with Android: The Complete Guide to Shooting Video like a PRO! --

Smartphones are an awesome tool for shooting videos. They’re not only super portable, they’re also incredibly simple to use and the cameras these days are capable of some amazing results!

While they are capable of great results out-of-the-box, with just some simple tips and tricks you can easily 10X your results with filming with smartphones…

We’ve created Android filming guides like this in the past, but the cameras & software just keep getting better… We thought it was time for a new update to include all the latest tools & features!

In this video, we run through how to film professional videos with an Android phone or tablet step-by-step, our recommended low-cost video gear for Android, and the best Android video tips to get you awesome results, fast!

GEAR WE USE: http://primalvideo.com/gear
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