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How To Feel Baba's Presence Within

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In this short video, Mohanji tells us how we can feel Baba's presence within ourselves if we connect to the silence within. If we wish to attain self-realisation, we should aim for total dissolution with all that binds us to earth, and when that happens we will experience stillness - that's when we can truly connect to Baba.

Through the world of noise, there is silence at the core, if that is where we settle, we will feel oneness with the Master, with Baba. Mohanji adds that Baba has unified us beyond boundaries of caste, creed, colour, country and other divisions; the only purpose of His incarnation is representing the Supreme Consciousness on earth.

Chapters in this film:
0:00 - Intro (Please enable captions) (कैप्शन सक्षम करें)
0:54 - Total dissolution leads to stillness and silence
2:09 - Silence at the core of noise
3:19 - Feeling oneness with the Master
3:40 - What Baba delivered to the world is invaluable
4:11 - We are part of the Sai Baba family
5:30 - Finding Baba in the stillness at the core
6:25 - Surrender without expectation
7:25 - The power of emptiness

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Film by Nikhil Kripalani

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