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How The Cast Of Harry Potter Should Have Looked

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Harry Potter Characters Were Supposed To Look Different From Their Casted Actors
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Calling all Potterheads, we have a question for you — do you think the movie versions of the “Harry Potter” characters should have matched the descriptions in the books? After all, when you look real close at J.K. Rowling’s descriptions of their physical appearances, the movies missed the mark with quite a few details. This is a classic books vs movies debate, and your opinion often depends on whether you read the novels first, or watched the films. We’re delving deep into the details to show you how the characters should have looked, if the casting directors had followed the author’s ideas to the letter. It’s also interesting to look at the pictures by Jim Kay from the illustrated books, to see how the characters should have been cast.

We’re starting with Hermione Granger, and the two major features Emma Watson was missing. Would Viktor Krum have fallen for Hermione if she’d had both of these standout looks? The director had a good reason for ditching one of them, so hit play to discover all about that. As for Ron Weasley, his whole body shape needed to be different to Rupert Grint’s, not to mention his face, his hair - the list goes on. We also reveal why Daniel Radcliffe was missing a really important facial feature, and what Bonnie Wright needed to change to match up to the book description of Ginny Weasley. We’re even divulging how Rowling viewed Neville Longbottom — and it’s certainly not how Matthew Lewis appeared. See it all unfold in our original animation, and subscribe to TheThings to get all our notifications. Thanks for watching!

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Written by: Elle Taylor
Narrated by: Kristi Boulton
Edited by: Sachin C

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