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DRAGON BALL Games Battle Hour Shenron ArenaChannel

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Global Live-stream Online Event, "DRAGON BALL Games Battle Hour" is going live!
Enjoy the 12-hour event featuring many exciting contents from DRAGON BALL!
There will also be a Halftime Show, Hironobu Kageyama will perform a special live concert!

We have prepared 5 channels for this event, a variety of content are live-streaming now!
[What is Shenron Arena?]
In this arena, the top players from “DRAGON BALL FighterZ” qualified from the 5 regions: Japan, France, US West, US East & Spain, have formed 4 global teams and will battle against each other! Don’t miss out!

[Enjoy the event even more at the ONLINE ARENA!]
During the event, users can enjoy and communicate with each other online at the "ONLINE ARENA!"
By logging into the lobby, you can create your very own avatar, and use emote features to communicate with others!
Along with other fans, support top players competing in fierce tournament battles.
Let's celebrate everything "DRAGON BALL" related with each other and enjoy it's very first online event!
Check the official website to join the "ONLINE ARENA!"
[Official Website]
[Official SNS]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/db_eventpj_jp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/db_eventpj_jp/
[Channel Subscription]

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