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Define Idyllic | S3 Ep11 | Sims 3 Series

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Serena's life seems to crumble after stabbing Kai, especially since the media has found out....

BEFORE YOU CRUCIFY ME I CAN EXPLAIN!!!!! I've been working in the desert, 12.5 hours all day everyday for a month at a time and then have one week off back home. Even though it's been 9 months... When you work every day of every month just about.... It honestly doesn't feel like it, it feels like maybe 2 months have gone by... I've been trying my hardest to get this done, I've run into the usual technical difficulties and some new ones that has me pulling my hair out! A little serious this episode, hopefully not boring though next episode should be light (whenever that may come).
I hope everyone is staying safe and doing the right thing! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and Birthday! I'm so so grateful for everyone's support!!!! How is everyone?
Thank you! XXxxxxxxxxxxx

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