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DC Comics Death Metal Brings On Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeath & MORE! | SO Seriously EXCITING!

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BURBANK, CA (February 1, 2021) - In anticipation of the international launch of DC’s runaway 2020 hit limited series, Dark Nights: Death Metal, the publisher announced today plans to collaborate with seven of the most renowned metal music bands for Dark Nights: Death Metal – Band Edition.
Representing a cross-section of metal music from across genres and generations, each special edition will feature a variant cover spotlighting a different metal band, an introduction from the band and exclusive interview. The lineup includes:

Issue #1:           Featured band: Megadeth
                          Cover artist: Juanjo Guarnido

Issue #2:          Featured band: Ghost
                          Cover artist: Werther Dell’ Edera

Issue #3:           Featured band: Lacuna Coil
                          Cover artist: Timpano / Antonio Fuso

Issue #4:           Featured band: Opeth
                          Cover artist: Mathieu Lauffray

Issue #5:           Featured band: Sepultura
                          Cover artist: Albuquerque / Pedro Mauro

Issue #6:           Featured band: Dream Theater
                          Cover artist: Santi Casas

Issue #7:            Featured band: Ozzy Osbourne
                           Cover artist: Marco Mastrazzo

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