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cookie decorating & catching up: a chaotic christmas vid in february

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Is it extremely chaotic to make our return to YouTube after a 6 month hiatus with a Christmas video filmed in December and posted in February? Yes. Did we do it anyway? Yes.

Find us on Instagram: @anjalichakra & @sufi.sun
Twitter: @anj3llyfish & @sufisun7
and TikTok: @anjalichakra & @sufisun

Video description for the visually impaired:
Two women sit side by side on chairs at a table covered in red and white snowflake wrapping paper. The woman on the left of the frame, Sufi, has chin-length blue hair, and wears a long sleeve blue and white christmas sweater. The woman to the right of the frame, Anjali, has wavy black hair pinned up on each side, and wears a red, green, and blue long sleeve patterned christmas sweater with white pants. Behind them to the left, there is a bookshelf with books and plants on it, and a gold mirror leaning against the wall. Directly behind them, there is a multicolored abstract painting. On the table and to the right is a vase of flowers. The camera occasionally switches to a zoomed-in perspective of what is happening on the table as the two women switch between looking down at the snowman-shaped cookies they are decorating with frosting and candy, and looking at each other and the camera to talk.

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