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CHRISTMAS IN JULY HOME TOUR ???? FARMHOUSE TOUR ???? #christmas #christmashometour #farmhousechrist

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#christmas #christmashometour #farmhousechristmas

???? CHRISTMAS ???? in July 2020. I’m so Excited!
Today starts My ????????????Christmas in July Decor Inspiration and Shop with me Video tours for not ONLY CHRISTMAS but also
????????????????FALL Videos ????????????.????

It’s the time of year that the ideas get to flowing and the need for Decorating is a MUST!
Follow with me from today, multiple videos releasing during the weekdays/weekend videos. All the way until end of December for ????Christmas
Inspiration videos.
Be sure that you turn up your volume there will be lots of ???? Beautiful Music ???? as Well.

Please Consider “Subscribing” ???? (tap the bell)if you like my channel. So, you will be notified when each new video is released. ???? YouTube (follows the algorithm rhythm) ????for the release my videos for ALL of you. As well as a ???? Thumbs Up ???? if you like the video and the ????Music ???? . Please leave me a comment with any questions or videos you’d like to see. ❤️

Thank you for watching. Stay Well and Stay Safe. ❤️


Always PattyAnn

Music - Epidemic Sound
1. On This Christmas Night - Made Of Snow On This Christmas Night
2. Christmas In My Heart - Loving Caliber
3. A Christmas Kiss (Instrumental Version)- The Snowy Hill Singers

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