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Building Culture Within Our Business | New Employees | Preparing For Q4

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In today’s episode we are preparing for Q4, adding on new employees, and Tyler acting as the CEO speaks on community and culture.
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Herb’N Eden is an all natural body care company that specializes in bar soap, body butter, liquid soap, body scrubs, body oil, and much more. Herb’N Eden was founded by herbalist and soap maker Terran Lewis in 2016. She bought a soap kit and learned how to make soap in her own kitchen. Posted the results on social media and a business was born soon after. Later her husband, Quinton Lewis, would join the business full time as head of sales & marketing in January 2017. The business has been growing ever since. Herb’N Eden acquired its first brick & mortar in January 2019 and opened in April 2019. Follow us as we document our journey through entrepreneurship and life.
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