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"British vs Malaysian Parliament" - Loga & Singam - Comedy Court 20th Anniversary Show

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Full show available at https://www.allanperera.com/cc20 // Lawyers Loga & Singam compares the British Parliament with the Malaysian Parliament...

This clip is from Comedy Court’s 20th Anniversary Show (May 2018), which was enjoyed by over 7000 patrons and is now finally available digitally! For a limited time, you can gift it to a friend for free with each purchase! To purchase the show and for more details, go to: https://www.allanperera.com/cc20


-- Stream anytime, anywhere
-- Works on all devices
-- Watch with your family
-- Lifetime access
-- For only approximately the price of a cinema trip for a family of 4, you get a whole show + all the above features!

Purchase the show at https://www.allanperera.com/cc20


“Just got home after experiencing the Magic of Allan and Indy. And the magic is still there after all these years. Enjoyed every skit... Thank you both for the laughter and pleasure you have given us all these years. BRAVO ????” ~ Padmavathy

“For even spiritualists like us who mostly in our other world dimensions, it is truly humbling to see two souls in their human bodies, able to ground the normal Malaysian rakyat, with the true happenings in our country; using so much of humour, pun and colour.” ~ Mrs Velu

“Both of them deserves the Nobel Peace award for unifying Malaysians with Jokes” ~ S. Manickam


Can you believe it? It's been 20 years since Comedy Court first graced the comedy scene.

What better way to celebrate its 20th Anniversary than to have Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah once again bring to life your favourite characters: Loga and Singam, Mertle and Thawi, T.K. and T.C. from Executive Spa, two Malaysian MPs, and a few special surprises...

Hold on to your horses as these wacky characters once again bring you a giggle-filled, rip-roaring time of non-stop laughter!

Purchase the show at https://www.allanperera.com/cc20


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