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I produce an Accounting Apps newsletter that's curated from a database of blog posts. This video is me reviewing, refining and curating the blog posts for the newsletter. I've spent years analysing blog post titles and these are my suggestions to attract an Accounting and Bookkeeping audience to your blog post. The final newsletter is curated by a robot who creates a bespoke individualised email based on your past behaviour.

A quick summary of my suggestions is

- short
- Boring
- Staff Movements
- Real Names
- Acronyms

Use Stunning visuals

Subscribe to the Accounting Apps newsletter here: http://HeatherSmithAU.com

Here's an example of the newsletter: but it won't reflect the articles reviewed above: https://pages.rasa.io/articles/d8ca28...

The Rasa.io newsletter platform I use: https://rasa.io/heather-smith (plus a 10% discount)

Contact me if I should add your blog to my newsletter: https://heathersmithsmallbusiness.com...

Let me know if this has been useful and if I can answer any further questions.

Write high-performing email subject lines automatically...compelling blog titles help people read your articles.

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