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Супер ген бога все персонажи

We are a wiki based on the Chinese author Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel ‘s Sci-Fi novel Super Gene that anyone can edit, and has 217 articles created since opening on Jul 16th 2018. Our goal is to create a quality online encyclopedia for the novel in its’ entirety. Novel is currently being translated to English by Webnovel.

Super Gene


Super God Gene





Writing Status

Translation Status



In the magnificent interstellar era, mankind has finally developed teleport technology, but when trying to teleport, they are not sent to the future, the past, or any land known to men.

This mysterious space is called God’s Sanctuary, where lived numerous unknown creatures. Here, humans will make the greatest leap in their evolution to create the most glorious epoch in history.

«Sacred-blood creature black beetle killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood black beetle gained. Eat the meat of sacred-blood black beetle to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly.»

The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies……

The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms. Humanity faced their great leap in evolution, starting the most glorious and resplendant new era under the starry skies.

“Slaughtered the God Blood organism ‘Black Beetle’. Received the God Blood Black Beetle’s Beast Soul. Used the God Blood Black Beetle’s flesh. Randomly obtaining 0 to 10 points of God Gene(s).”


Grade System


Levels [ ]

Note: At chapter 892 Translator starts calling «Ordinary» as «Basic» ; And «Primitive» as «Ordinary». Moreover, «Aristocrat» as «Royal».

Gene Elements [ ]

As not all Genes have been elaborated, some are guesswork due to creature and spirit features.

Element Chapter Spirit Example Beast Soul Example
Fire 896 Phoenix King Three-Claw Raven
Water 913 Mermaid Princess
Wind 1333
Earth 1333
Thunder 914 Thunderdevil King
Lightning 1333
Wood 920 Flower Empress
Thorn 1215 Thorn Queen
Frost Snow Charmer Ice Wolf God
Sonic 1172 Dry Bone King Death Knell
Metal Iron Bug
Blood 1251 Blood River King
Toxic Thorn Scorpion
Summon Gu Demon Emperor Spirit Owl
Seal 1632
Light 1230 Purple Emperor
Holy 1240 Saint Fan Emperor Little Angel
Dark 1358 Night Empress
Death 1580 Devil Unicorn
Space 917 Split-Space King
Time 934 Moment Queen

Gods / Divine [ ]

Process of evolution [ ]

The gene cultivation system of gods is completely different than that of other classes. Most notably is the fact that all races and creatures start advancing in cultivation the same way.

Spirits, when evolving to gods merge with their spirit crystals, losing the ability to reincarnate.

Beasts, when evolving to gods lose their ‘mortal’ body and is replaced by their gene crystals, which exist in all super class creatures.

All creatures when evolving go through a ‘gene cleanse’, hence for a period of time after evolving, they may be weaker than even ordinary creatures of the 4th sanctuary, half-gods.

Evolving to gods from the 4th sanctuary brings creatures through a door leading to a tunnel. Each creature’s evolution tunnel differs by their element, hence one creature (usually) is not able to traverse through another creature’s tunnel to cleanse their genes; else death is almost certain.

God evolution is extremely dangerous, in fact, many creatures are unable to pass through the cleansing and die midway. A strong foundation is required before attempting the evolution. A creature also needs to be strong enough in the first place to call upon their evolution.

Throughout the process of gene cleansing, beast souls, foreign gene cores, slave-spirits, and other things stored within the sea of consciousness are almost certain to be disintegrated, as they are likely not of the EXACT same element as the one going through the evolution.

Upon the completion of evolution, creatures are usually left with around

4000 units of strength, maybe 10000 for those with stronger foundation (excluding the fact that a god may be heavily injured right after evolution). Time is required for a newly evolved god to regain their strength, which may reach up to the hundreds of thousands (100,000x).

Gods in the 5th sanctuary [ ]

The 5th sanctuary, the last sanctuary, is situated in the ‘actual’ universe, where humans, Asuras and other hidden races coexist (such as evolved creatures from the sanctuary). This sanctuary is for newly evolved gods, with most having the strength of around 70,000 and not surpassing

Most creatures upon evolving from the 4th sanctuary are unseen from the actual universe, the 5th sanctuary. This is because almost all of them are ‘kidnapped’ by the Gods Organisation which is run by an old Special Ops Division leader of the crystal race, along with many other god class creatures. Which explains why gods are rarely seen in the actual universe. The Gods Organisation is not to be confused with New World Organisation which is actually only a branch of the organization run by the former.

The gene system, upon evolving to a god will be filled with question marks for most information; losing much of its previous use, and also its guide towards the evolver. This is because genes are no longer classified as ordinary, primary. etc. But are instead classified under 5 other different names, namely:

But it is to be noted that ALL creatures upon evolving to a god or being born as a god, will not be classified under any of these categories, as it is essential to first form your gene armor before being truly classified as a god.

Gene Armor [ ]

Creatures upon evolving to a god have all their gene cores merged (if you have more than 1 in the first place). Hence the next step of becoming a real god tier creature is to condense what is called ‘gene armor’. Upon condensing gene armor a creature’s strength will explode instantly into the hundreds of thousands (only when wearing the armor). And upon a god’s death, this armor can be dropped as an item, allowing other creatures to harness the power of a god that has condensed it’s gene armor, albeit with less proficiency, at around 30% of its maximum power.

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After condensing the gene armor, the creature will be kicked out of the 5th sanctuary, and into the ‘real’ world, the outer universe, where true gods roam everywhere. And this is the true beginning of a gods path.

[It should be noted that there ARE gene armors from dead gods lying within the 5th sanctuary, and this has to do with the Crystallizers breaking the barriers between the outer universe and the 5 sanctuaries, having a great war with many, many creatures.]

The reason for being kicked out of the 5th sanctuary is much similar to the reason that creatures are not able to go back to previous sanctuaries; their power levels are too strong. The reason that sanctuaries are NAMED sanctuaries in the first place, is because they ARE. Sanctuaries protect endangered species from those of the outer universe, allowing them to thrive in a protected environment, with other species of similar power levels (hence why there are 5 classes of sanctuaries). And upon evolving to a god with gene armor, a creature is no longer qualified to remain in the sanctuary and is therefore released back into the wild, the outer universe.

An exception to this rule is the bloodline of the Nine-Life Cat. People with it are able to shift back and forth between the sanctuaries and the outer universe at will, and take others with them in the process. They won’t be rejected themselves, though other creatures will be kicked out on their own if brought inside.

Gods in the Great Gene Universe [ ]

All species in the outer universe are gods, and those who haven’t condensed their gene armor are in the minority. Han Sen [along with the Nine-Life Cat from the 4th sanctuary], due to circumstances was teleported to the outer universe, arriving at the [Kate Race]. (not to be confused with Nine-Life Cat Race).

Here, power levels are no longer measured the same way but are instead measured using leaves on a tree. A person being tested will drop their blood on a special type of tree, and the tree will drop leaves of a certain color (representing element), with each leaf equating to around 10000 points of strength in the human universe.

Han Sen, a human, basically non-existent in the outer universe measures 10 leaves upon testing at first, while most cat race civilians measure at around 20 leaves, showing the baseline strength of all those in the outer universe.

It is, however, to be noted that Han Sen triggers a resonance between the tree with his blood, signifying that his gene purity is at a very high level, meaning that his chances of becoming a noble is much higher (50%) than when compared to others ( Nobility [ ]

It is a common thought that once a gene armor is formed and the geno weapon isn’t the creature will no longer have any chance of re-condensing their geno weapon, losing the chance of being a noble forever. This is false, though it requires specific types of rare materials to do so.

Geno weapons are looked up upon by the masses, as they are quite rare within normal races, and are considered the backbone of weaker races. Those who have condensed geno weapons are MUCH stronger than those who haven’t, creating a rift in power levels much like those who are of the super rank, and those who are of the sacred blood rank in creatures of the sanctuaries.

While Han Sen did NOT condense his geno weapon on his first attempt at condensing his gene armor, he does have the help of the sanctuary system, which finally recovers its abilities once Hansen had condensed his gene armor. It allows Han Sen and others from the sanctuaries to increase their strength through consuming xenogenic genes much like consuming regular creatures in the sanctuaries, which can allow him to reach a threshold for evolution before consuming the relevant materials. This also only applies to his armor corresponding to The Story of Genes, as he succeeded with every other armor.

Geno weapons can also have different forms, the primary one being gene armor [armor], as the original form. Other forms usually include equipment [tools, weapon, etc]. A geno weapon MAY have more than 2 forms, but this is extremely rare.

Xenogenics [ ]

While condensing a geno weapon, ALL species without exception have a chance to turn xenogenic. Instead of condensing a geno weapon, the core instead melts and fuses with a creature’s body, strengthening it and making it at least as strong (but often stronger) as a species with a geno weapon.

While xenogenics are predominantly stronger than other noble class species [Baron and above], the setback is they lose their sanity in most cases. While this can be reversed by very rich upper-class races, this is usually not something that would be done by average nobles.

The xenogenic change is irreversible, and also unpreventable. While most lower class noble species fear the xenogenic change, most upper classes welcome it, as they are usually much stronger than those of the same class.

Since xenogenics no longer have gene armor, a certain part (or parts) of their body will usually contain their xenogenic genes, which when killed, can be harvested by other species to forge weapons or medicinal pills to enforce cultivation. They can also be consumed directly by creatures from the sanctuaries to strengthen themselves. These body parts are usually the specialty of a certain species, so for a wolf, it might be their claws, and for the angel race, its a bone in their wings. These body parts are also classified into 2 main types among the races, one being the weapon forging type (hard) and the other being the pill forging type (soft, less expensive). Weapon forging types are more sought after for their uses.

Such xenogenic body parts are known [xenogenic materials] in the Great Gene Universe, and many are required to forge even a single pill or weapon (up to hundreds), meaning noble races have to be massacred for other noble races to expand.

[It should be noted that species MAY have more than one xenogenic type if they have more than one gene core, and it is also possible to be a xenogenic and have a geno weapon at the same time.]

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Upper-Class Species [ ]

There is a fixed 10,000 lanterns. By convention, the one to light a lantern takes their race name as a last name and Alpha as a first name. Lighting a lantern makes the race a high race, while not having a lantern makes it a low race.

The Geno Being Scroll occurs once every 100 years is used for the ranking. Kings and Half-Deified are considered the same level for the purpose of Geno Being Scroll: A half-deified 1st layered domain is a King 10th layered domain, a half-deified 9th layered domain is a King 18th layered domain.

Deities / True Gods [ ]

«God Spirits have four levels, which are destruction, disaster, annihilation, and reboot.» [1]


Han Sen

Han Sen


Dollar(Later is Coin)
Win A Girlfriend
Ji Yanran is my girlfriend
Black Fist Emperor
A Soldier
Kill Dollar
Southwest Soldier King
Heaven’s Sword
Ass Cracker God
Coach(Qin Xuan)
Tenth Son of God
The King
San Mu
Human Emperor
Doctor Sexy
Sky Sword
Lan Se(Planet Kate)
Light of Hope
Sheng Ying
Son of the Moon
Gods Daddy
Knife and Sword Master ( when with lone bamboo)
Holy Baby
Prince Bai Yi
Godfather Han
Evil Solider
Han Jingzhi successor
Crystalizer Alpha (chapter 2891)


Physical Description



Eye Color

White (Super God Spirit Body)

Hair Color

White (Super God Spirit Body)

Martial Arts

Martial Techniques

Seven Twists
Eight Killer Kicks
Teeth Knife
Blood-Pulse Plunder
Sparticle (footwork)
Yin-Yang Blast
Yin-Yang Change
Panorama (universal) [4]
Thunder Sonic Punch [5]
Elephant Disc Punch
Water-Thunder [6]
Phoenix [7]
Break Six Skies
Under the sky
Heart sword
Ghost Haunt
Command Talent
Toxic Dragon Drill
Supress evil
Under the Sky
Gods wander
Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch

Hyper Geno Arts

Dongxuan Sutra
Life Door
Blood Pulse Sutra
The Story of Genes
Heresy Mantra (Support Technique)
Jade-Sun Force (Support Technique)
Hidden Blood (Support Technique)
Micro Crystal (Cover for Jadeskin)
Xuan Yellow Sutra (Achieved by running Blood Pulse Sutra in reverse)
Sit and Forget Sultra




Beast Soul Pets

Angel of Principality (Formerly Little Angel, Archangel) (Ascended)
Golden Growler (Mount) (Ascended)
Worm King (Destroyed)
Death Knell (Gifted to Luo Sulan)
Spirit Owl (Gifted to Luo Sulan)
Dragon-Blood Snake (Gifted to Queen)
Disloyal Knight (Gifted to Luo Sulan)
Shadow Queen Bee

Beast pets

Fairy — fairy(Super Creature)
Little Black — dinosaur t-rex(Super Creature)
Big Black — dinosaur t-rex(Super Creature)
Little white — deer(Super Creature)
Three-Tails — fox(Super Creature)
Wang Cai — bear(Super Creature)
Metal Eater — dinosaur (Super Creature)
Water Fairy (Super Creature)
Ghost Eye (Super Creature)
Snowball (Super Creature)
Little Wind (Mutant Creature)
Little Xingxing (Super Creature)
Blood Kirin (Deified Creature)
Little Number Six (Deified Creature)






Disciple of Knife QueenSilkworm of Very High


Narrow Moon
Sky Palace
Very High(Supremacist in MTL)Goddess Gang (second Gods Sancturary)
Crystalizer Alpha
Extreme King

Planet Eclipse
Space Garden






Novel Debut


Sen has amazing judgment and prediction skills.(if you want to learn more or talk about it with people join r/supergene on reddit then join the discord)


Appearance [ ]

Personality [ ]

Han Sen has a calm and calculating personality. From the beginning of the series you won’t see Han Sen do anything without considering the consequences. At the same time, he never stops being lost, which basically means that there are always many characters who know way more than him about everything that surrounds him. He will always stay confused about everything until he becomes a Universe Devourer. Whenever he performs an act that can reflect negatively on him, his family and extended family he takes up the guise of Dollar. As Dollar he is often more domineering and cruel.

Han Sen is a family man above all. In the early chapters his main driving factor was to be the provider of his family. During his adventure through the sanctuaries he makes a lot of friends and meets the love of his life. Ji Yan Ran, he gets a biological son(Han Fei) and daughter(Han Ling’er) and adopts a humanoid creature he named Bao’er as his daughter and another adopted daughter named Meng’er.

In Han Sen’s rise to the top he has learned the value of strength and developed to be fairly greed. He, however, is seen giving up items he fought for to close family and his close friends. He usually justifies it to himself by calculating what their power bring him or the other family members.

It is also in his nature to keep as much of his cards covered and be underestimated by new opponents. Juggling his secrets between his identities seems to be second nature. If Han Sen meets an enemy that beats him or is a threat to him he does not hesitate to run away. He does hold grudges longer than is actually healthy. If someone harms him or his family that person will be dealt with foremost.

Later in the novel, Han Sen starts to meet enemies who are weaker than him but are involved in larger plots and to understand these plots he starts playing the weakling.

Abilities [ ]

He is a genius, capable of copying moves while in combat, amazing at archery and has perfect assassination skills. He has amazing judgment and prediction skills.

History [ ]

Han Sen’s father supposedly died due to a mysterious accident and his father’s company acquired by the Starry Group. During this time his other family members treated them harshly.

Han Sen is the spokesperson for the SKTS series made by Digang. He became the head of the special squad after Qin Xuan left the first shelter of God’s Sanctuary.

The Great-grandson of Han Jingzhi, who is part of the elite 7th exploration and a Qigong master.

His skills and his thinking capabilities have been trained by his mother secretly.

First ever human deified and the strongest deified in the Geno Universe.

According to Han Sen-Conqueror of Geno Universe.

“Killed God Spirit. Obtained God Spirit. Found God Spirit Gene.” [9]

When Han Sen enters the 1st God’s Sanctuary he meets Qin Xuan who was in shape shifting for and by mistake stabs her back. from then he is called Ass freak. Then he goes on and discovers a black crystal inside a black beetle(sacred creature). he soons finds out that the black crystal can help in leveling up a creature.

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Quotes [ ]

«Not bad. You survived a serious strike from me.» —Han Sen to Yo Dongmu 104)

“I may obey God, but not this kind of god” —Han Sen when being told what to do by a god

“Who will prevent me for lighting up a lantern for the Crystalizers” —Han Sen (Ch 2890)

“I am the greatest of my league” —Han Sen (ch 2630)

“I am the greatest of my level” —Han Sen (ch 2631)

“No one can force me to do something i don’t think is right” —Han Sen to exquisite (ch 2632)

“Didn’t I tell you? Against another of the same level, I am King. The only thing that a king can call to are smiles and a woman’s beauty. Using force wont do a thing“—Han Sen to exquisite (ch 2632)

References [ ]


Han Sen/Growth


Ranks [ ]

Don’t change the chapter number for the raw part. For some reason the chapter are 2 digit higher than the true chapter number and I’ll raw chapter get messed up again and the number will be 3 digit higher. Ex: The translated chapter are 1700 but the raw will be 1702.

Rank Geno Points Maxed Evolution Lifespan
Non-Evolver Ordinary 26 422 200 Years
Primitive 27
Mutant 292
Sacred 422
Super 420
Evolver Ordinary 495 882 300 Years
Primitive 520
Mutant 598
Sacred 700
Super 881
Surpasser Ordinary 941 1339 400 Years
Primitive 941
Mutant 997
Sacred 1107
Super 1289
Demigod Ordinary 1358 1680 500 Years
Primitive 1391
Mutant 1418
Sacred 1415
Super 1619
God Unranked 1718 2733 600 Years (Ch. 1680)
1000 Years (Ch. 2054)
1100 Years (Ch. 2298)
1787 Years (Ch. 2406)
2658 Years (Ch. 2734)
Baron 1815
Viscount 1864 (Max.1933)
Earl 1969 (Max.2003)
Marquis 2054
Duke 2241
King 2391
Half-Step Deification 2683
Deified Elite Primitive 2734 . 2958 Years (Ch. 2996)
Transmutation 2792
Larva 2824
Butterfly 2852
True God 2957
Universe Class Gene Consumer 3458 3458 Infinite

Ranks (Stats) [ ]

Updated from chapter chapter 1452 (Used Translated chapters).

Rank Chapter Ordianry Primitive Mutant Sacred Super
Demigod 1452 Max Max 100 100
1526 Max 100 100 100 9
1558 100 100 100 100 26
1611 Max Max Max Max 50

Fitness [ ]

In the Great Geneverse, fitness are measured with flower. 1 Flower =

Fitness Chapter
8 34
9.1 43
15 192
> 20 296
30 332
> 30 355
35 376
70 426
> 80 463
100 495
120 525
150 598
170 670
217 701
260 812
300 881
> 600 900
> 1.000 941
1.388 981
> 1.500 997
1.700 1027
1.800 1038
2.100 1107
2.500 1175
3.700 1285
7.500 1344
> 10.000 1365
38.000 1438
40.000 1452
> 50.000 1527
> 90.000 1619
10.000 1681
100.000 1714
11 Flowers 1714
54 Flowers 1731
434 Flowers 1783
> 100.000 Flowers 2207

Gene Lock [ ]

Blood pulse sutra took 3 years to unlock 2nd-9th gene lock while in a cave where original world’s 1 day was equal to 1 year in chapter 1004. He found out after meeting Lin Weiwei.

Jadeskin genelock from 2nd-9th took 2 years as mentioned in chapter 1289.

Gene Lock Jade Skin Dongxuan Sutra Blood-Pulse Sutra Super King Spirit
1 st 598 691 881 974
2 nd 1289 921 1004 1003
3 rd 1289 986 1004 1003
4 th 1289 1009 1004 1004
5 th 1289 1124 1004 1004
6 th 1289 1170 1004 1004
7 th 1289 1220 1004 1004
8 th 1289 1289 1004 1004
9 th 1289 1289 1004 1004
10 th 1302 1331 1338 1335

Geno Core [ ]

Geno Core are similar to crystal of spirits and can be destroyed. Each shelter had Demi God geno core and to conquer a shelter, one has to claim the Demi God Geno Core. Demi-God Geno Core increase in strength with increase in Geno points. Geno Core obtained by killing creatures won’t grow and were locked.

Self Geno Core are only formed by reaching 100 of Self Geno points. Some creatures/spirits receives a geno core after crossing 10th step only if they are lucky.

Crystal Core: Transform anything that touches it to rubber like substance and can’t be harmed unless the opponent is stronger. If it is in rubber like state and he hit it again, the state is removed.

When Crystal Core got destroyed a jade skeleton emerges from the Crystal Core and seals opponents Geno core by simple touch and transforms back to Crystal Core.

God Geno Core: is similar to Self Geno core. Mostly everyone can only produce one Geno core unlike Hansen and God Geno core acts like an additional Geno core for them.

Rank Crystal Core Bulwark Umbrella Real Blood Coin
Bronze 1350 1360 1407 1427
Silver 1468 1468 1496 1518
Gold 1586 1587 1526 1587
Gemstone 1611 1611 1611 1611
Super 1649 1675 1644 1630

Gene Armour [ ]

Rank Level Jade Skin
Dongxuan Armour Gene Armament Blood-Pulse Sutra
The Story of Genes Gene Armament
Unranked 1841 1754 1742 1718
Baron 1841 1754 1742 1820
Viscount 1864 1913 1891 1922
Earl 2011 1999 2020 1969
Marquis 2101 2134 2054 2159
Duke Achieved 2241 2366 2255 2341
1 st Gene Lock (Astral Body) 2312 2377 2366 2364
2 nd Gene Lock (Celestial Body) 2366 2377 2377 2366
3 rd Gene Lock (Universal Body) 2366 2377 2377 2366
King Achieved 2416 2391 2479 2496
1 st Layer Domain 2416 2391 2479 2496
2 nd Layer Domain 2476 2589
3 rd Layer Domain 2557
4 th Layer Domain 2522
5 th Layer Domain 2544
9 th Layer Domain 2574 2557 2589 2631
Half-Step Deification 2730 2730 2696 2683
Deified Achieved 2734 2734 2734 2734
Primitive 2734 2734 2734 2734
Transmutation 2793 2793 2793 2793
Larva 2824 2824 2824 2824
Butterfly 2852 2852 2852 2852
True God 2957 2957 2957 2957

Skills and Geno Arts [ ]

Spirit Body [ ]

Stage Type Chapter
1 st Sanctuary Normal Body 1
2 nd Sanctuary King Spirit Body 422
3 rd Sanctuary Super King Spirit Body 882
4 th Sanctuary Ultimate King Spirit Body 1374
Great Geneverse Super God Spirit Body 1759

Energy Flow [ ]

Acquired From Type Description Chapter
Queen Qi Gong Heavenly Go 617
Chen Ran Qi Gong Seven Twists 638
Bone Elephant Strength Boost 659
Black Bear Cub Body Strenghening 659
Silver Fox Lightning, Healing 659
Gourd Magnetic Attraction 692
Devil Ant King Armor Boost 697
Light Son of God Light 714
Death Knell Sound 725
Water Fairy Water/Ice 744
Holy Rhino Healing 771
Devil-Eye Spider Hypnosis 782
Armored Phantom Weapon Enhantment 811
Coin Toad Weight Increase 896
Qu Lanxi Qi Gong Scent 899
Bao’er Magnetic Attraction 984
Xiang Yin Sound 1143

Note: After reaching 3rd sanctuary, every creature, spirit and human has an energy flow Han Sen can copy.


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