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Top 10 Strongest Characters In Injustice: Gods Among Us

I think (Arkham origins) Batman is so intensely hard to kill and is so awesome that when you pair him with batgirl he starts the battle with him already up to his 2nd SP straight up.

Arkham origins Batman is so hard to kill because when you are trying to kill him and you are also just about dead just like him it could shockingly be that he turns out to beat you right there when your just about to defeat him or all that but instead you defeat him.

Severely overrated character. His special 1 sucks and his 2nd special doesn’t do that much damage if blocked. Only real strong suit is when paired with batmobile so you can use his super to decimate his opponent.

If you start with 2 bars ( of power ) and have energy generation gear, you can charge the supermove fast.

If ares is better why did you vote for batman? Because he is better.

Best Gear would be the cloak of destiny, lexcorp gauntlets, and LOA adept knives.

Deserves the n2 place

Given crit gear does nearly 7K damage per hit, given you get the full combo you can do up to 28k damage in 1 swipe

The best wins every time

I love superman but he kicked batman superman should be on the 1 place

How the hell is he in fourth place. He’s just a tanky power drainer not a game changing character like raven or AK batman. The lexcorp set pretty much makes power drainers useless in online battles anyway.

Pair her with Cloak of Destiny, League of assasins adept knives and a crit chance gear and she can deal 200k+ damage on her special 1 as it stuns if not blocked. As 50% of this is transferred to the opponents team and she starts with 1 bar of power you can end the game in about 5 seconds even against EVII opponents. With this setup she is possibly the most deadly card in the game if used correctly.

Just put the nekrons scythe and cloak of destiny and you are GOOD TO GO with Batgirl.

One of the best passives in the game, which is further enhanced by his huge health. 2 hit heavy combo is more useful than you think, since every hit does more damage than a 3-4 hit one and it can be easily chained or it can set up for his destructive SP2.
Don’t have his gear but it looks like it can be game changing.

Takes out entire teams on his own. Pair him with damage boosting gear and crit chance gear, and he’s unstoppable

I think doomsday containment is better because he can regenerate 50%health 3 times

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Come on! Second most powerful D.C. Hero, and he has the power of the gods. He punched Spectre. He is basically immortal is Shazam form. He has a powerful punch, and his magic is heavenly.

Been using Shazam for ages, paired with Killing Joke Joker. Win every single time, unbeatable.

One of the most fastest and strongest and agile and rarest characters in the game!

I honestly think he is a great card. He doesn’t have good stats, but a SUPER OP passive!

Regeneration is the key. How many times have I lost to this, I can’t remember now.

Cellular Regeneration is super OP, best defense setup has to be fourth world.

Cellular Regeneration is all I have to say.

Could infinite juggle

Raven takes fighting seriously. Unlike Harley Quinn. She plays hopscotch in her intro! At least raven has a superpower unlike Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Deathstroke, Bane, Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Doomsday, Batgirl, Lobo, and Scorpion.

I have lost my whole team about 100times against raven her ability to exchange health is awesome she is the only one who makes me scare!

Her ability to steal health combined her special 2 makes her unstoppable.

Currently the strongest and rarest character in injustice!

Really great character offensively and defensively. you can prepare for any battle and basically win everything because you can become immune to many characters DOT or or powertrain, and even Crit.

Batman Askham night is better than Batman Askham origins because Arkham knight batman can also start of with 2 bars of power and a bonus Wayne tech. Also it has more damage and health and also the special attacks are stronger. There is also a glitch that you can get 3 Wayne tech. Get the tutorial from YouTube.

You could do a massive damage to your opponent just by attacking by swiping, if only you have the right gears. Plus, The Arkham Knight looks awesome.

Best character so far, better than BAO. You can start with two bars of power and have a bonus passive depending on the opposite team.

At elite 1 with not fully upgraded basic damage gear he can do just above 2000 damage per hit after activating a special. Since he hits 12 times in one heavy attack combo that’s 12 x 2000 = 24,000. And since his speedforce lasts for 2 heavy combos he can do 48,000 damage just by completing two heavy combos, all at elite 1.
At elite 7 imagine the damage output this guy is capable of. A top 5 character when used in MP as he can reduce characters to nothingness in a matter of seconds.

After a special attack, his basic attacks have a chance to become unblockable and do critical damage. Plus his speed increases a lot too. With base of 1200 Damage and 1200 Health, Metahuman The Flash is the best card for me

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The fastest character in this game. With his special gear, his basic attacks can’t be blocked. Also, very high damage.

Passive can destroy other people. I have taken out an entire elite III team while only having him at elite II

The most powerful member of the Justice League.

When used with Gauntlets of Azrael and overpowered 5-U-93-R, her combo ender is a huge team helper. Throw in the LexCorp Chest Armor V2 and her SP2 often takes out two enemies. Finally, her passive makes her a great teammate for a Batgirl (with Cloak of Destiny, LoA Adept Knives, and Nanocarbon Mask), as you can tag her in and deliver an SP1 against an opponent in stasis and deal massive damage to the whole team. I user this pair with a DoJ Wonder Woman (Ibistick, Mutated Bone Spikes, Mother Box) when playing Survivor to get two healers and an ace up the sleeve.

Ok Rebirth Jessica Cruz is like the best character out there. She has a super long and lethal light combo. When paired with Ra’s al Ghul’s Daggar, she can power drain at least a bar of power off her opponent in one move. Also, she has an extrordinarily powerful SP2. Along with her very high stats, she’s a pretty incredible character.

Best combo ender in the game! Along with a 6 hit combo ender, her passive gives her a 30% chance to stun

Lobo is a very strong character when he is versing energy draining opponents. Since he cannot get power drained, he can quickly gain power for his very strong super move. He does so much damage per attack and is all around a very strong player. Overall, Lobo is the strongest player in injustice gods among us, and is worth 182k coins

The introduction of static and the Lexcorp stat made his passive not all that useful anymore. His special 2 does barely any damage as its DOT and you can just tag out to avoid it.

Good hitter and strong.

He is immune to power drain and he does good damage and has decent health and he can poison

This character has an awesome combo Ender, shoots a brief burst of heat vision. His ability also makes him very good if you face somebody like bat girl oR arkham original batman. He also gains plus 5 percent health and damage every promotion

OP. I have literally lost half my online battles thanks to his passive. Needs a slight nerf.

His passive lets him fully negate unblocked specials. Luchador Bane 150k unblockable special 1? 0 damage taken. Enough said.

Has best passive skill ever «Kryptonians fortitude». It makes me can win easily for real.

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I feel as though that this is the best character in the game, he can easily beat Arkham knight batman and death stroke. I have him makes out at elite VII level 50 and his stats are 59K damage and 94K health. He is a god

Really powerful with Overpowered,Astro harness, and heart of darkness. His combo ender is 3 hits so with the Overpowered 5u93R gear he is insanely good

Should be number one

A really good starter but not so good near the higher ranks but is easy to use

If you gear him right and have him Elite X his basic hits, if critical can do up to 80K!

the best character.

An absolute tank. My guy can do so much damage sometimes its annoying

I think that doomsdays ability of being able to recover 50% of his full health is op.
He is the first gold I got and really it doesn’t matter too much that his jp is lower than most golds.
And I’d say that the fact that his heavy attacks do more damage on the second hit is really good and that I can get enemies on combo chains so often

I just got him out of a challenge booster pack and I totally agree that his sp2 is O.P

If he gets 200% on either of his special attacks, the opponent is hurt heaps by enhanced DOT. Usually KOs opponent if teamed with a hero who can snare to stop them from switching.

Burn whith first which is really annoying me. Second is really good usually knocks out my character insane!

Just look at the blood of his 2nd guys.

Immune to power drain and gains power by blocking specials. Pretty much lobo’s passive on steroids. His special 1 stuns if not blocked which means that he is great when paired with Cloak Of Destiny, LOA adept knives and a special 1 crit gear such as lexcorp gauntlets V2 which also give him a chance to heal on special 1. If you use this setup you can destroy opponets by spamming his special 1.

HE is extremely good his Sp2 and the Tantu Tomtem gear can wipe an entire team. All you need is 2 other gear to increase sp2 damage like the Heart of Darkness.

My favourite character so far, coupled with bloody sword, unbeatable.

Blackest Night Martian Manhunter is really good if you want to heal because he has life drain for all attacks sometimes. His defense and power gen. is also pretty good

Paired with Fourth Wall gear set he is possibly the most annoying character in the game to face in MP battles as he constantly regens health and has his damage reduction phase.


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