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The BEST 32 INCH ANDROID TV is here. Sony has launched its first 32 inch ANDROID TV. SONY W830 is the currently the BEST 32 inch Android TV in the Indian markets right now.
The Sony W830 comes with the X-Reality™ PRO picture processing which upscales every pixel for exceptional clarity. As frames are analysed, each scene is matched with our special image database to refine images and reduce noise.
In this video we cover -
00:00 BEST 32 INCH ANDROID TV Sony W830 Overview
00:45 BEST 32 INCH ANDROID TV Sony W830 Unboxing
02:28 BEST 32 INCH ANDROID TV Sony W830 Specifications
02:38 BEST 32 INCH ANDROID TV Sony W830 Picture Quality
03:41 BEST 32 INCH ANDROID TV Sony W830 Audio Quality
04:34 BEST 32 INCH ANDROID TV Sony W830 Summary

Sony W830 - MRP 31,990 | Introductory Price - 30,990
Buying Links - Coming Soon

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