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ASMR | Soft Spoken London Gangster Intimidates You... Red Harry ???? (From 'The Gentlemen' ASMR Coll

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This character and clip was part of an incredible cinematic collab I was lucky enough to be involved in! Go Watch... 'THE GENTLEMEN' full video: https://youtu.be/9upTT9gt--A

The gents involved in the full collaboration (in order of appearance):

Atlas ASMR is… Alfie Strong

Articulate Design ASMR is… Mr Blue

ASMR Muzz is… Mad Davie

Sine ASMR is… Trevor Sharp

ASMR Jeremiah is… Teddy Quid

Tippy Tappy ASMR is… Red Harry

Jimち ASMR is… Mickey the Rat

Relaxing Male ASMR is… Tommy

HUGE thank you to Atlas for all of the planning and effort that went into make this one happen... ????


???? My Patreon Family: Jacob Frei, Larethian God, Jimち ASMR, Matthew Hardee, Emerald Rose ASMR, Hudson Beck, Mr Tattoo ASMR, Meghan McDonald, FamKam ASMR, Jenni Lenahan, Devon Ohr, Gigi! Meghan McDonald, Rain Archer, Shonagh, Michelle Golden & Savi Nien ????
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What is ASMR?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is just a long and not particularly applicable set of words coined by someone with no actual background in science, who just wanted an official sounding way of describing the pleasant and relaxing sensation that some people feel when listening to certain sounds or watching certain visual movements etc. (these are types of ASMR triggers).

The "ASMR Feeling" often described as "Tingles" can be different for different people and can be triggered by all sorts of different sounds or visual cues but is usually described as a nice tingly sensation often on the head, neck or back... it's a similar type of sensation to "Frisson" you know... those nice shivers you sometimes get from certain music or movie scenes BUT it's not quite the same and NOT everyone experiences ASMR (and those that do... might only experience it sometimes and with certain triggers).

Sheffield University carried out this scientific research which concluded that ASMR may benefit both mental and physical health: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/psycholog...

SO while the science is still in its infancy... ASMR is a very real sensation which is helping people all around the world to relax and feel nice... the ASMR content you see here and across YouTube is made intentionally to try and trigger the feeling of ASMR but equally can be just as relaxing for people who don't feel ASMR who simply find the sounds or visuals calming or interesting... in the same way you might listen to ambient background noises like rain or ocean sounds to help you relax or sleep... hope that helps clear things up :D

What ASMR is NOT?

ASMR is not a replacement for and sort of Medical Care/Medication/Therapy/Counselling or anything of the sort... It is simply a tool for Relaxation, Sleep, Connection, Entertainment and the pleasant sensation of ASMR Tingles.

Note: You may also see content labelled ACMP/асмр (Russian spelling) or some common misspellings such as ASRM or AMSR... don't worry it's all referring to ASMR!

#ASMR #SoftSpoken #Gentlemen

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