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Android Jetpack: LiveData

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LiveData is part of the Lifecycle library which was designed to help you solve common Android Lifecycle challenges and to make your apps more maintainable and testable.

LiveData is a lifecycle-aware observable. LiveData makes it easy to keep what's showing on screen in sync with the data. Benefits include:

* Lifecycle awareness: LiveData works well with the android lifecycle by only sending updates to UI components that are on screen and automatically removing listeners when a UI component is destroyed.
* Can be returned by Room, to learn more about Room → https://goo.gl/hWAq6R
* Reactive UIs with ViewModel and Data Binding
* Includes basic transformations map and switchMap and MediatorLiveData

LiveData is usually created in a ViewModel class → https://goo.gl/f3gTQx]

The Lifecycle library includes other classes that LiveData works with, including Lifecycle, LifecycleOwner and LifecycleObservable. To learn more about the Lifecycle library, check out → https://goo.gl/pouGCk

Gradle dependencies → https://goo.gl/xD4evT

Also take a look:

Room with a View Codelab [LiveData, ViewModel, Room and the architectural guidance] → http://bit.ly/2FS6YQD
Exposing error and loading state via LiveData → https://goo.gl/fjwccG
ViewModels and LiveData - Patterns and Antipatterns → https://goo.gl/1t3tmL
LiveData with SnackBar, Navigation and other events (the SingleLiveEvent case) → http://bit.ly/2rsmwGl
Subclassing LiveData → https://goo.gl/53Qq52
Using LifecycleObserver → https://goo.gl/e73zTc
Lifecycle codelab → https://goo.gl/OBkIfC
Guide to app architecture → https://goo.gl/tfae2D
Data Binding docs → http://bit.ly/2IjFicG

Watch more Android Jetpack videos here → https://goo.gl/kw8LPv

Subscribe to the Android Developers channel here → https://goo.gl/vLYDU

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