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Android 12 Developer Preview 3 - Game Mode, Better Animations, Floating Accessibility Menu & More

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In this video am going to show you all the new functional and visual changes in Android 12 Developer Preview 3, there are quite few exciting features in this build. All the changes documented below under the what's new section.
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***Time Codes***

0:00 - Intro
0:30 - System Wide Changes
2:25 - Home Screen
3:05 - Widgets
5:04 - Android 12 Game Mode
7:34 - Volume Controls
8:34 - Screenshots & Markup Tool
9:20 - Notifications Shade
10:09 - Floating Accessibility Menu
11:42 - Styles & Wallpapers
12:33 - Power Menu
13:24 - New settings design and changes
15:55 - Outro
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What’s new:

System wide changes:
- New bounce animation while scrolling.
- The whole OS is using rounded corners for buttons, text fields, overlay menus, recent apps screen, widgets and icons.
- New splash screen for apps like Gcam.
- Boot screen is always in dark theme.

Game mode
- Android 12 Game Mode now shows under the "Do Not Disturb" menu.
- Activate a floating menu with quick shortcuts for screenshots, screen recorder & FPS.
- Ability to optimize game performance.
- The ability to live stream.

Widgets Picker
- There is a new search at the top so, you can use to quickly locate a widget.
- A new section for suggested widgets.
- The name of the widget will show under the widget preview instead of showing on top.
- Expanding the app widgets will show you the widgets previews stacked vertically instead of being next to each other.
- Widgets counter will count the shorcuts and widgets separately.
- When you add a widget and try to resize it, now the handles match the device accent color instead of being in white color all the time.

- Notification’s shade has a new bounce animation when you pull it down.
- The notifications counter is now in pink color instead of blue.
- New rounded text field when replying to messages from the notifications shade.
- The notifications drop down arrow surrounded with a circle.
- Quick settings got exciplict on/off labels

Home screen
- Quick app actions and home screen long press menus have rounded design.
- At a glance widget has bolder font.

Screen shots
- The markup app have a redesigned text editor that shows a floating card at the top, with ability to choose between 4 different fonts.
- Similarly, the pen and brush options now show a floating color palette.

Volume controls
- Bigger and rounded volume controls.
- New sound profile selector with better animations.

Styles & wallpapers:
- Additional 4x4 grid size but with smaller icons size.
- Light theme is back to use white background instead of grey.

- New settings design similar to OneUI and the one-handed mode design we first saw in DP2
- New bouncing scrolling animation in settings.

Storage settings:
- New horizontal bar to represent the usage instead of circular design.

- Estimated battery gets a new progress bar.
- Removed the “apps running normally” menu item.
- Battery saver no longer have a toggle next to it.

- Adaptive brightness got a toggle next to it.
- Auto rotate no longer show a toggle next to it

Lock screen:
- Settings renamed the “notifications on lock screen” option to “Privacy”

- Accounts and passwords
- Will show the auto-fill service at the top

One-handed mode:
- New graphical representation for the one-handed feature under settings

- New floating accessibility buttons that can be docked to the side.
- The floating buttons will show on lock screen and always on display.
- Accessibility buttons can be customized under the accessibility button settings, change size and transparency.
- Reduce brightness has been renamed again to extra dim.

Power menu
-Tapping an holding on the power menu controls will show a splash screen from google home app

Split screen
- New refresh button for apps that don’t support split screen to adjust the split screen view after resizing the window.

Do not disturb
-Now has a new option under schedules for game mode

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