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2. Jack Odongo: African Heritage Band - The Play House

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In 1979, Alan Donovan contacted a leading musician in Nairobi, Job Seda, with the idea of forming a new band which would travel with African Heritage for its shows abroad and play for its shows in Nairobi.

Job Seda, or Ayub Ogada, as he later came to be known, internationally, launched the group AFRICAN HERITAGE, with Donovan’s support. The band consisted easily of the best musicians in Kenya at the time, some of whom had been with Job in the band BLACK SAVAGE.

Besides Seda, who was the vocalist, guitarist and played a range of African traditional instruments, there was Mbarak Achieng, a guitarist and music teacher at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music, keyboardist Francis Njoroge, who was formerly with the group MAKONDE; Noel Sanyanafwa on drums and percussions, and Goro Kunii,from Japan, on the saxophone. The band set out to play jazz, reggae, funk and to highlight indigenous African instruments. As demanded by Donovan, they wrote all of their own music and did not perform copyrights.

The original line up was later bolstered by many other stellar musicians like Jack Odongo, himself another ex -member of Black Savage, Ali “Rastaman’ Magobeni, Shabaan Onyango, Walter Amalemba, Sammy Eshikaty, bassist Gido Kibukosya, and finally the Ugandan musical sensation, Samite Mulondo, who went on to form his own group in the USA which has released numerous albums played around the world and who is still touring the USA today.

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