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???? B&M £70+ FEBRUARY SHOPPING HAUL - food - home - cleaning - paint and christmas clearance

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B&M £70 FEBRUARY SHOPPING HAUL - food - home - cleaning - paint and christmas clearance

Hi guys,

today's video is February's B&M Haul.


MY JANUARY B&M HAUL ➡️ https://youtu.be/NTvGK0MDErQ

Heres my recent shopping hauls all on one playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOhKUXun5vxhMFiGW2zFNbRPn0tTPUXhM

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???? For business enquiries please contact via:
*Email: shellosgood1984@gmail.com
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Heres a bit about me-
I'm a mum to 2 boys and live in the North West of the UK. I work full time and balance my time between working in a job I love with creating memories with my family I adore. My boys, Ashley and Jack have a 5 year age gap between them so finding family things to do that they both enjoy can be tricky so I try and plan the best I can to accommodate that. My youngest, Jack is diagnosed with having DCD (also known as Dyspraxia) so we have to again plan carefully to ensure we dont tire him out easily.

I'm on a mission to eat healthier as a family on a budget. I also need to avoid takeaways and in return put money to one side for the wedding fund weve been talking about the past however many years

Anyway thats enough about me so thank you for coming across and I would love it if you considered subscribing

Michelle xx

???? Music - from epidemic sound, YouTube studio and some music is also created by my fiancè

#BandM #ShoppingHaul

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