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அரசியல் Comedy | Madurai Muthu Political Satire | Madurai Muthu Alaparai

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Election 2021 is about to come so, In this Episode of Madurai Muthu Alaparai our Madurai Veeran shares about the comedy Situation of Politics. Do watch and share your comments.

Madurai Muthu Pattimanram / Madurai Muthu Debate Show !!! is the word that attracts maximum of Tamil audience. The wit, he adds gives us more spiciness. Here are the best cuts from the comedy flow of Madurai Muthu.

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Latest Comedies of Madurai Muthu only on Madurai Muthu Alaparai !!! #MaduraiMuthuComedy #LatestComedy #MaduraiVeeranComedy

The Legend is back again with all his fresh and original comedies !!! Enjoy the latest Tamil Comedy and do share your feedbacks.

Madurai Muthu is the Tamil Stand Up comedian who got great fame by the famous TV reality Show Asatha Povathu Yaru. He is one of the best known and most liked tamil comedian for 90's Kids. This is the Official channel to entertain you all.

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